What sort of training?

I used to be a huge advocate of heavy weight training. There is something special about seeing the numbers increase whether its a compound 1 rep max or 10 rep max on an isolating machine. I’ve done 5/3/1 routine, I’ve tried my own custom created workout plans that are 7 days a week lifting, I’ve tried Kris Gethin’s 12-week plan as well as high set medium reps workouts. I can’t tell you which one works the best because it is individual and depends on your goals but resistance training is something everyone should incorporate into their weekly lives at least 2 times.

Recently I’ve started testing other types of exercising methods, mainly bodyweight as well as dynamic training. I’m quite heavy so doing pull-ups or chin-ups is still moderately intensive but I’m getting there. Like there is something special about moving lots of weight, there’s also something special about being able to maneuver your own body with ease and that’s the goal I’m aiming towards recently. Because of my lack of conditioning, I’ve added slaloms+sprints into my training and those can also be used as a great warm-up when not pushing too hard. I wanted to write a sample full body training that you can do in any park using just your own body so there is literally no excuses when it comes to getting an old fashioned workout in.


5-10 minutes of slalom sprints starting slow and working your way up to intense

Leg, knee, arm, hip swings/rotations or DeFranco’s Agile 8


50 muscleups (regression – chin-ups or resistance band chin-ups, if still too hard, negatives)

50 squat jumps

50 pull-ups (regressions as per before)

50 push-ups

50 tricep dips

50 hanging knee raises (regression crunches)

50 pistol squats (regression step ups onto a bench or something higher)


Jog for 5 minutes and static stretching for whole body. Foam rolling is nice too after a heavy workout.



This workout can be completed by anyone regardless of age, sex, wealth or social status. There is regressions for every exercise and if you do it 3 times a week, you will be seeing progress very quickly. Just find your local park and get moving.

50 reps doesn’t mean you have to do them continuously. Do as many as you can and take a rest, then continue. For example pull-ups can be done in increments of 4 or 2 as long as the technique and form is there. It might take you 2 hours to complete it the first time but if you time it, you will be done under an hour in no time.

If you have any questions regarding this or any other exercises, feel free to contact me via e-mail by clicking here.


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